Story of the World, week 2

We have had a short school week this week due to a day off on Monday to visit Movie World and then ANZAC day on Thursday, subsequently our history for this week has not been as thorough as normal however we still had a great week.  This week we covered chapter 1 of Story of the World and learned about nomads and the first farmers.  Here are my plans for this week (we only got through half the listed books): SOTW week 2

The girls had a great time. First they did the student pages from the Activity Guide while listening to the chapter, then we did some additional reading and book work.  In the afternoon we had our weekly activity session with a friend in which we made “prehistoric game bags”. After the sewing activity the girls all put on their cavegirl costumes (from our prehistory studies) along with their new game bags and we all headed down to the local playground to build (half) a shelter, apparently “fishing” in the pond was more exciting than shelter construction after 15 minutes so it never got finished, lucky they did not have to sleep in it!

Sewing their game bags:

DSCN8207 DSCN8208

My little nomads all dressed up and wearing their new bags.


Building the shelter

DSCN8236 DSCN8241 DSCN8252

And finally “fishing” in the pond

DSCN8240 DSCN8239 DSCN8232

Homeschooling is such fun!


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