Prehistory, week 3 (11/2 – 15/2/13)

And back to updating from last term with out prehistory studies.

This week we were very busy learning about the Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian and Carboniferous periods, wow that is a lot!  We learned about the first fish, early ocean life, the first trees and the first land animals; especially amphibians and insects.  Highlights of the week were discovering the size of some of the early insects (they were really HUGE), the girls figuring out how jawless fish must have ate and then racing around the house pretending to be jawless fish sucking up their food lol, and making models of the Carboniferous Period with a friend.

We did 4 timeline lapbook pages this week (although I can only find pics of 3). This timeline is really starting to take shape nicely.

DSCN6605 DSCN6624DSCN6625

For our hands on activities this week we made Cooksonia plants (well attempted to at any rate lol) and life size giant dragonflies.

DSCN6618 DSCN6634cropDSCN6636crop

And finally for our weekly craft session we made Carboniferous Period models, all three girls had a blast doing this.

Under construction:


The finished products, they are very proud of their achievements:


And finally, our baby desperately wanted to join in the activity day too, just too darn cute!


I love homeschooling!


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