The first writing, SOTW1 week 4

This week we read chapter 3 of Story of the World which covers the first forms of writing. The girls learned about different styles of early writing, especially hieroglyphics and cuneiform, and the some of the media used in early writings, including papyrus, clay tablets and stone.  Then we explored some of these early writings and media for ourselves.

First we started out making “papyrus” inspired by this blog post. This turned out great and they are very proud of their work. This was followed by writing on clay tablets in cuneiform, writing their own name in hieroglyphs and a free painting to allow them to explore using pictures as a means of writing.  Lastly we made cartouche inspired necklaces out of oven bake clay.

Making “papyrus”


And the finished product drying in the sun


Clay tablet writings:

DSCN8453DSCN8455  DSCN8457DSCN8459

Cartouche inspired necklaces


Paintings, they both chose to convey a scary message, you can tell that through Liv’s expression (LOL) and Kat’s monster (center bottom).



This has been a great week, we have all enjoyed exploring early writings and the girls loved all the activities, especially the messy ones of course.  Homeschooling is such fun!


Here is our history schedule for this week: SOTW week 4


Nile river updates

Just a quick post to show how our Nile River models are coming along. They are really starting to grow nicely.


Day 1



Day 7



Day 11



Day 15



Strange but it seems every time I go out with the girls to check on the progress and take pictures the horses and trees seem to be in different locations, very odd.

Anyway, the girls are loving this activity and they beg to check on their models every day. They are hanging out to flood them again (tomorrow) and I can see us checking these models daily for at least a couple more weeks so expect another update in a week or 2.

SOTW week 3

We had an amazing week here learning history, the girls are just loving every minute of our history lessons and beg to do more every day (now I call that a win)!

This week we covered chapter 2 of Story of the World volume 1, this chapter covers the first Egyptians living along the Nile.  In addition to our weekly readings and book work we discussed irrigation canals and the flooding of the Nile, and what that means for the people, animals and plants etc. We looked up Egypt and the Nile on a world map and examined where the Kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt were located.  The girls then watched a YouTube story Croco’nile before moving onto the activities.

Our first activity was an immense success; making a model Nile. They filled a plastic tub up each with potting mix, added a foil “Nile” down the middle and then decorated their scene with farm animals, trees and rocks. We even had a giant fish swimming in one of our Nile’s lol.  Once these were decorated to the girl’s satisfaction grass seeds were sprinkled over their creations carefully avoiding the actual river bit. The final step (which surprisingly turned out to be the most fun of all I was informed) was “flooding” their Nile so that their crop could grow.  And now comes the hard part, waiting. Hopefully these models will sprout soon but in the mean time they are asking to check every few hours, it could be a very long wait for Mummy at this rate.

Decorating the banks of the Nile.

DSCN8302 DSCN8303

The finished scenes.


And finally the most important step, flooding the Nile!

DSCN8310 DSCN8306

For our second activity day we did Pharaoh crafts and dress-ups.  They made arm bands and bangles using toilet rolls and stick on gems, and them made Pharaoh collars from an old cereal box decorated with pieces of coloured paper.

DSCN8336 DSCN8362

DSCN8348 DSCN8361

My little Pharaohs all dressed up.


And not to be left out, our baby had a blast wearing the left over piece of the cereal box as a collar, kept her amused for hours!

DSCN8325 DSCN8322

Well that about sums up our week of history here except for one small tangent that had me off googling to discover if ants have teeth in order to resolve an ongoing debate between us all (while the girls completed their Pharaoh jewellery). For the record ants do not have teeth and mummy won that debate lol. What a great week it has been, I love homeschooling!


And finally, here is our history lesson plan for this week: SOTW week 3