The first writing, SOTW1 week 4

This week we read chapter 3 of Story of the World which covers the first forms of writing. The girls learned about different styles of early writing, especially hieroglyphics and cuneiform, and the some of the media used in early writings, including papyrus, clay tablets and stone.  Then we explored some of these early writings and media for ourselves.

First we started out making “papyrus” inspired by this blog post. This turned out great and they are very proud of their work. This was followed by writing on clay tablets in cuneiform, writing their own name in hieroglyphs and a free painting to allow them to explore using pictures as a means of writing.  Lastly we made cartouche inspired necklaces out of oven bake clay.

Making “papyrus”


And the finished product drying in the sun


Clay tablet writings:

DSCN8453DSCN8455  DSCN8457DSCN8459

Cartouche inspired necklaces


Paintings, they both chose to convey a scary message, you can tell that through Liv’s expression (LOL) and Kat’s monster (center bottom).



This has been a great week, we have all enjoyed exploring early writings and the girls loved all the activities, especially the messy ones of course.  Homeschooling is such fun!


Here is our history schedule for this week: SOTW week 4


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